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Looking Forward to 2022

I say this all the time - I really should blog more. I like chatting and a blog is very much like chatting, right? So here's a quick blog about next year!

2022 will hopefully be a good year for us all. Good as in 'things-hopefully-returning-to-normality'! 2020 and 2021 proved to be rather long and boring for many of us in the wedding industry as we saw bookings fall and many cancel altogether due to restrictions or sickness. Lots of us weren't able to hold onto our businesses and a few of us managed to fight through the darkness and come out more passionate than ever about our craft.

I'm certainly looking forward to shooting more weddings in 2022. And I still have a few dates left, so pop me across a message with your wedding date and I'll let you know if I'm available.

Booking fee is still only £25 but only until January, when it returns to £50 (deductible from your booked package balance).


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