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A few of my favourite wedding photographs...

I've photographed hundreds of weddings over the years, and I wanted to compile some of my favourite wedding portraits and share them with you.

The Edwards-Peals were married on a yacht in Paphos, Cyprus. This was the closing shot of their amazing wedding day. The ceremony was held on the Ocean Flyer, with Exclusive Yacht Weddings, and we took a wander towards Paphos Castle along the harbour before heading back for a great evening. When the couple departed the boat, this was the shot I captured for them.

The Awberys were married at Ufton Court and their ceremony was just gorgeous. Their family and friends were all in attendance and the children were having the best time. We took a moment out to stroll around the grounds and came upon this old structure which made for the perfect backdrop under the summer sky.

The Carpenters were married at Braintree Town Hall and we then took a short drive down to the Public Gardens for some photographs. I loved how well kept the gardens were and felt that these arches made for a beautiful frame around the newlyweds.

Mr & Mrs Ashley-King wed at the beautiful Burley Manor in the New Forest. The manor had beautiful grounds nestled in the countryside and deer roamed around freely. Such a unique wedding with different influences popping up, from Harry Potter to Rockabilly and Eurovision.

The Mitchells had some wedding gnomes featured at their ceremony, which was held at Barton's Mill. Unfortunately, Groom Gnome's head was knocked off and the actual Groom held it up to his head. I managed to capture this just at the right time! Hilarious!

The Armsworths were married at Craig Y Nos Castle on the outskirts of the Brecon Beacons amongst friends and family. The castle grounds provided the perfect backdrop for some fun and candid photographs. I just love how this shot captured the feel of the day!

The Gardners wed at The Dome Cinema in Worthing and on the balcony, had to capture a shot of all their Irregular Choice shoes for good measure! We had the best day at an awesome venue just across from the beach, where I was also able to take some lovely portraits for them. I do love this shot though! Also check out that paper bouquet!

The Taylors married on such a sunny day, we had to seek a bit of shelter under the trees at Shaw House, Newbury. The grounds were perfect for their family portraits with enough space for us to move away for some newlywed photos.

The Austins had some beautiful gardens to explore for their newlywed portraits. Rivervale Barn provided the perfect backdrop and the leaves on the trees were spectacular. Autumn weddings are always full of colour!

Thank you for viewing all the way down to here... I hope you've enjoyed seeing some of these amazing portraits I've had the fortune to capture over the years....

Tarran x


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