So... Why Book With Me?

There are thousands of photographers out there, so why book with me?

I'm fun but unobtrusive, so you won't find me jumping around mid-ceremony causing unnecessary distractions. That's your time - you and your guests should be focusing on the ceremony rather than a photographer who is stood on one leg hanging over a chair for a better view. I work around you, your loved ones and the surroundings to capture candid, natural shots.

I love capturing the little details you may not have noticed - the groomsmen having a cheeky cigar out the back of the venue, the children poking their heads out halfway down the aisle or mum's tears of pride.

I don't request a meal within my contracts. I never turn one down but it's not necessary to provide one. Just let me know either way so I can bring a packed lunch if needed.

I am LGBTQ+ friendly - so there's no prejudice here. Love is love!

I have a low booking fee, packages to suit different budgets and a Covid-19 clause in my contract which means you can rest-easy once you have booked with me.

I am fully insured and have multiple cameras, batteries, lenses, flashguns and other accessories. I also have a network of photographer chums who I can call on for human back-up if ever required! I am also registered as a sole trader with HMRC, so I pay my taxes and NI contributions - everything is above board!

So, fancy booking with me? Pop me across a message with your wedding date and I'll see what I can do for you.

Happy wedding planning!

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